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The Spontaneous Cuppa

Our friends

We believe that as a business we will grow stronger because we understand the value of creating relationships and building a strong community in which we all work together to learn from, support and help each other. With that in mind here is a list of “friends” where we are customers, businesses we work with, important influencers and organisations that matter to us.

Suppliers we collaborate with

Glebe Farm
Glebe Farm is a great company who guarantee 100% gluten free oats. By default oats are gluten free however because they are often harvested with the same machinery as wheat they get contaminated. Glebe Farm secure from growth to harvest to packaging and the supply chain that they are totally gluten free.

Organisations and Charities we support
Important influencers

Becky Excell a food writer, recipe creator and a four-time Sunday Times bestselling author who follows a gluten free diet and inspires almost a million followers who can’t eat gluten. You can find out more about Becky on her website. Follow and you too will be inspired and never disappointed with her recipes.

Ella Vegan is a food blogger with over 1.2 million followers. Ella has been nominated at the Influencer Awards of Monaco in the food category and her recipes are vegan & gluten free. She is a ‘must follow’ for those who are both gluten and dairy free.

Championing local eateries

In alphabetical order:

Bernie Beans, Hunstanton
Always a warm welcome from Amanda who serves gluten free scones and if you give her a couple of days’ notice can serve a gluten & dairy free afternoon tea!

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Chives, Hunstanton
Tracy and the team at Chives are always so professional, they will check with the chefs what can be adjusted on the menu to support gluten, dairy and soy free alternatives.

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Georgies Café
A great place for a gluten free sausage and chips treat and Georgie eats gluten free herself!

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The Lodge, Old Hunstanton
This is a ‘go to’ spot in Old Hunstanton for Gluten and Dairy free options. The main restaurant for the evening is a must visit where hopefully Harry will be your server. His professional care and attention to your dietary requirements will never be forgotten.

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Vegas Fish Bar, (South Beach) Hunstanton
Our favourite fish ‘n chip destination with a dedicated area for gluten free preparation, spotless clean and really competent servers when it comes to dietary requirements.

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Businesses who renovated with us

In order of appearance at The Spontaneous Cuppa:

Wes and Josh at Wesigns were there from the beginning working with us on the design of our front sign and logo. They were so supportive with many practicalities.

Lawrence Raven
Lawrence Raven was our project manager who introduced us to a great team who carried out our extensive renovation.

MSR Electrical
Safe, Healthy & Sustainable were our number one priority and Myles Rudd at MSR Electrical supported us in a complete electrical overhaul including all lighting changed to LED.

KLS Online
Tom, Stefan and Steve from KLS Online supported us with a professional deep clean of our kitchen including a total renovation of the commercial extractor fan.

Olympic Carpets
Olympic Carpets did a great job lifting the multiple layers of flooring that had accumulated over the years and fitted our safety and restaurant floors.

Raven Plumbing and Heating Services
Our new plumbing in the kitchen, servery area and toilet was carried out by Harry Raven of Raven Plumbing and Heating Services.

James Herring
We knew how we wanted our servery area to look and an introduction to James Herring was the key to making a dream a beautiful, functional reality!

When it came to working with our website, we are so glad Lisa and Jay at nativeBrand were recommended to us. They are very professional and highly skilled, and this great website with all that it takes to create it, is thanks to them.

Town and Around
We are so grateful to Elaine and Richard of Town and Around who have written great articles about our business because they really do understand it!